It was such a wonderful Workshop, that helped me understand the power of intentions, goals, and focus at a new level. So as crazy as it sounds to most people :), I put a visualization practice as taught by Ajay, in action for 3 months & to my colleagues surprise, I manifested the desired position in my dream company! Thank you for being a ray of hope, and for finding all the knowledge in ancient scriptures and putting them together for us. I know it is not you teaching, but a higher force speaking this to us through you as a medium 🙂
Mohit Verma
Senior System Analyst
I was introduced to the world of the law of attraction with Ajay's workshop. The details and examples he took from daily life were very relative to what we go through daily in our life. Based on the learning I started following some of the goals which were put in cold bag. Within few months I was able to make the Quantum Leap in the direction I always wanted. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Sharad Mehrotra
Project Manager
I loved conversations with Ajay on spirituality and Art of Living. He is so humble & always had something new whenever he had discussion with us. I was eager to attend every session of the his Workshop. The best part of the sessions were the correlation with the day to day life examples to understand the complex topics in a simple way. Thank you so very much to the Universe. Thank you so very much to Ajay for teaching LOA techniques in simplest way possible and helping me achieving my goals in such a short time! Thank you so very much to all you wonderful people who share your stories and inspire us all!! I am so grateful to all of you with all of my heart! Thank you,
Vishal Pachori
Project Manager
I heard few things about it previously but Ajay's workshop gave me more deeper insight on the Law of Attraction, what is it, how it works and what is that we can do to make it work for us. In 2020 when the Covid lockdown happened and our near and dear ones were facing depression, failing businesses, mental illness, and feeling unsure of what the future holds, I got back to practicing The Gratitude. Gratitude changed me, and my whole life changed. In the period when the whole world had come to a standstill, my health was better than ever. The practice of “Magnificent Outcomes” helped me to land best career opportunities simply out of the blue. Thanks a ton Ajay !!!
Ashok Dhawan
Service Manager
Thanks for conducting this very well organized webinar on a very useful topic for the present day. This Topic of webinar "Law of Attraction" and the way you have presented and explained was stupendous . I am sure people like me and others who were live on the webinar would have gained a lot from this discussion. This topic is something that relates to each and every individual who wants to do something in his future but keep failing and don't have any answer for his own failure, also how to overcome that failure. This webinar of yours and the way it was presented with examples surely will build confidence of an individual and would morally boost him to understand his own conscience /sense which is causing him/her to fail. Also you provided the best solution how to overcome it and turn that failure into a success with your own example as well as other theories on the same from different books and great writers. I would surely recommend to watch this webinar or webinars of Ajay on the same or different topics because i know Ajay very well and the thoughtful /artist person in him allows him to deep dive on any topic which he presents. He is a person who thinks something and carves the same either in his writing or Art but whatever comes out is a quality product. This webinar of his reflected the same and the way he articulated the law of attraction was laudable and highly commendable. Thanks a lot Ajay for this Workshop and I really gained a lot from it.
Rajnish Chandra
Senior Program Manager